I had a very bad case of Deja Vu just now, reading this article
From the Sun Herald newspaper. This story is identical to the Southaven High School situation we had just a month or so ago, concerning the fight that led to rumors of violence on a Friday in Sept. After reading this, I am convinced that MDE must train the Superintendents and Administrators to give particular blanket statements when certain situations arise.

Parents commenting on the article were disturbed that the school gave no notice of an issue until late in the afternoon on the Friday in question in their story.

According to their district, kids blew the situation out of proportion on social media, leading to over 200 kids not coming to school on the Friday in question. I wonder what parent or individual will get threatened with lawsuit and blamed over this situation.

I can only hope their district will handle this better than ours did.

Read the article and it will seem like Ground Hog Day to you too!



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