Some of you will remember back a few years ago when a certain superintendent, whose name I won’t mention but his initials are Milton Kuykendall, made people believe that Doug Davis was trying to take away public employees’ retirement plan…..mainly teachers! ‘Do not vote for Doug Davis, he is going to take your retirement away from you’….those are the words many said were told to them by our fearless district leader. But the truth always comes out!

Whether you hear it from news outlets, the State Treasurer, legislators or business men and women, some people still choose to follow MK’s lead. Funny though because now we are hearing about all no the many issues with PERS, the same issues Doug Davis spoke about a few years back when MK saw to it that he was voted out.

PERS affects tax payers, public employees, bond ratings and more. You may not seem interested in knowing how it works, but you will feel the pain of it all.

We have too many retirees pulling out of the system but not contributing to the system. How many employees do you think we have like that in DeSoto County Schools or in the county?! Maybe you should ask the county office that question. While I truly like a lot of the people on this ‘retired-not paying into PERS- but still working plan’, I can’t in good conscious support something that is financially irresponsible.

We have to quit putting the kiddos in the candy store and expecting them to not eat up all of the candy. Please take the time to read or scan through the links below. People complain about tax increases but sadly most don’t even understand what all their taxes go to. How can we as adults expect are kids to be educated if we remain uneducated ourselves?!







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