A Georgia teacher walks away from her dream job in education because of the Common core State Standards and then speaks out about it. How many teachers do you know that have done this or have plans of doing this? I know quite a bit

Here is an excerpt from the story:

“A Georgia teacher, Meg Norris, who is a doctoral candidate in education and a certified teacher in Georgia walked away from her dream job in one of Georgia’s schools because of the controversial Common Core curriculum and wrote an apologetic and explanation letter to her former students on Saturday.

Common Core, a federal education mandate program under the Obama administration, describes itself as internationally bench-marked, aligned with college and work expectations, and states that it is evidence-based.

Teachers like Norris and other opponents say that it is not true, it’s only a government takeover of education and according to Norris, a money making proposition for businessmen.”

For the whole story, click on the link below.



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