I happened to be watching the movie ‘The Breakfast Club’ this morning, and I heard a quote that disturbed me about teachers’ salaries. This movie was made in the 80s. The teacher in the movie states that he makes $31,000/year. How sad is it that we start our teachers off at $30,000/year and this is 30 years later??!!!!

Now I will say he goes on to say later on in the movie that he has been teaching 22 years. Today’s DCS/State of MS salary schedule means that a teacher with that many years in would make around $43,000-$49,000 depending on their degrees held (but of course that schedule was prior to the new merit pay system).

How sad that in 30 years, we have only valued our teachers and educators to the tune of $13,000-$19,000 more than we did 30 years ago!!! We give them no money! We give the least to the kids! We have MDE manipulating the numbers, using their positions to create careers for life outside of their public positions, playing politics and the kids, the teachers and education have not been a thought for the decision makers for a very long time! But that’s just my opinion.

And that is also why I am of the opinion that selling us another load of crap with Common Core is just ridiculous! The only benefit comes to those profiting from all of the resources, tools and programs being sold. I bet in 30 years those individuals profiting will have salaries that go way beyond a mere $13,000-$19,000 increase.

Quote from the movie:

Richard Vernon: That’s the last time, Bender. That the last time you ever make me look bad in front of those kids, you hear me? I make $31,000 a year and I have a home and I’m not about to throw it all away on some punk like you.


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