Teachers will be paid based partly on test scores, associated with the new merit pay and MStar system. Students will be assessed based off of the test scores, determining their classes and graduation. The test scores determine district ratings and the list goes on and on. DCS said that I have given half truths about MDE padding the numbers, so let me provide you with my first post on the truth behind it all.

An internal MDE investigation conducted in 2010 and 2011 shows (1) that MDE deceived taxpayers by inflating some school’s ratings and (2) IT security violations of state and federal laws have occurred.

After the results of this investigation were revealed to members of the state Board of Education in September 2011, they were, according to sources, quashed. The men who were charged with conducting the probe were allegedly forced out of MDE.

Most importantly, the improper and illegal activities revealed by the internal investigation are still likely occurring at MDE, as employees and former employees complicit in the fraud and the security breaches are still employed by or involved with Mississippi public education.

The details of the investigation were revealed on Sept. 9, 2011, to state Board of Education members.

(Quote from the transcript: The investigation was conducted by MDE’s then-CIO Toby Frazier and then-MDE employee Charlie Evers during the spring 2010 through the end of 2011. The results were revealed to then-Chairman of the Mississippi Board of Education (and current Board member), Charles McLelland, and Board member Bill Jones at his law office in Petal, Miss. The results of this investigation were allegedly quashed, and Frazier and Evers were forced to leave MDE. Evidence indicates that illegal activity and lack of oversight still continue.)

Attached to this is a link to the article on another website, the transcript and the audio files from this meeting. Let me warn you the transcript is 56 pages long, BUT it is well worth reading!! If you are a teacher and parent of a child in MS public education, you need to read it. I will write some upcoming posts that have quotes from the transcript. There are audio files of this meeting, but the transcript is easier to read than the audio is to hear.



One thought on “Cronyism, School Ratings Fraud and Security Breaches

  1. What’s so concerning to me is that they say our children’s data and privacy is protected. But obvious in this proof we see in our State it is not!!! So if they can’t protect my child’s data and privacy what the heck makes me think the federal government is going to be able too also?!?! This just goes to show that the system is screwed up BAD! Until we have people in place that want to admit the problems and fix the problems Mississippi will continue to be in the bottom on education.

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