(This article was written by some of my insiders, who I will refer to as the Educators Coalition of Desoto County.)

Weekend at Bernie’s (1989)


A pair of losers try to pretend that their murdered employer is really alive..

The chaos of the first day of school was heightened when the main server for all of the schools malfunctioned.. So it looks as if our new technology guru is earning the 97,000 he got for this job. Parents were in lines at many schools and of course the administrators at the Central Office were very sensitive to this….NOT. They sent a message to the schools to have attendance completed by 10:00 a.m. So it had to be done by hand. Normally that would be ok but impossible to do in an hour! Since the district uses three programs (must have had three friends selling something) to register one child, registration in itself can take up to an hour. One high school counselor who has been registering for years said it now takes her 45 minutes per child to register.She goes to one program to get a number, another program to submit data. and another program to scan the documents. I am no technology guru making 97,000 a year, but surely there is one program that can handle 3 tasks.

Implementing common core is a disaster also because there is no leadership at the top to make sure everything runs smoothly. That is because she has not made up her mind what she is going to do. The units are written one at a time and delivered to schools. Then a week later you get 3 pages of whoops we left something out and teachers must add these in the huge notebooks they use to organize the units. In order to do lesson plans teachers need a small truck to get the curriculum hauled back and forth to school everyday.Things change rapidly in common core depending on relatives and friends with products to sell. Teachers and administrators implement new programs frequently. The person in charge of implementing the curriculum makes 153,000 a year. Add that salary to the new technology guru‘s salary of 97,000 and if I am adding correctly we are paying two people in the district office 250,000 to royally mess things up. THIS IS A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS FOR 2 PEOPLE. AND NEITHER ONE OF THEM WAS ELECTED TO RUN OUR DISTRICT. Since one of them is the chief purchasing agent for the district, she can increase her salary whenever she wants. The school board would have to approve this, but they approved over $60,000 in pay increases for her over the last three years.

Where is our elected leader? He is walking around, his lips are moving, and he is saying things he is programmed to say. Our only hope for the future is someone new coming in and running a fist so far up the back of his shirt that it will replace the backbone he lost 5 years ago. He hasn’t got a clue what programs we are using to register one student and the amount of time it takes. If he did he wouldn’t have taken an office person from each school 3 years ago. He doesn’t have a clue how the teachers are being overworked to write a curriculum for someone who makes 153,000 a year to write curriculum. He doesn’t know the teachers are having a hard time implementing the curriculum. He doesn’t see them bring home 20 pounds of notebooks containing a pieced together curriculum. He doesn’t know the server goes down frequently and parents and school personnel are suffering because of this malfunction. He doesn’t know the central office cuts them no slack because of their foul ups. Most importantly he doesn’t know that teachers and administrators are scared to death of losing their jobs if they tell him. Why doesn’t he know this? Because the same premise for Weekend at Bernie’s applies to life at the Central Office. And for those of us who work out in the schools it is going to be a loooooooooong “Weekend At Bernie’s.” The only thing we would change is the rating of “comedy” to “horror“!


5 thoughts on “DCS County Office is Like a Weekend at Bernie’s

  1. Oh, my. This is not the first year this has happened. I still say that our elected school board needs to wake up and do their job. Until the parents make that demand, they just smile like idiots that have no clue. They need leaders in the central office that know how to do the job.

    • We could not agree with you more. How to get parents, citizens and teachers to stand together and not be afraid is the ultimate question. How to get people to wake up and quit buying into the sales pitch given by the high paid county office, that has everything to lose or GAIN in most cases, is the question of the year!

  2. If you really want a laugh—Ask a high school teacher about M-Star. You can find the information on the MDE website. Teachers are now required to turn in a HUGE portfolio to justify their jobs. The state and county requires the portfolio to be in a 3 ring binder with MANY pages (in sheet protectors) to show that they are giving students colorful projects (high school) to show learning.The lengthy, time consuming process is taking education time away from students so teachers can maintain their jobs!!!!!! ps. the county nor the state are paying for the supplies needed to win the best scrap book contest! The scrap book counts as 1/2 of a teachers professional evaluation.

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