(This letter came to me from DCS staff regarding the boss and her ridding the district of Administrators over the age of 55.)

In the last two years twelve of DeSoto County School’s key employees retired. Most of them left because they somehow managed to get on the hit list of the boss. Getting on her hit list is complicated. These are some of the most obvious ways to get on this list.

1. A friend may be moving to the area.
2. You did not acknowledge that she is the “Boss”
3. You do not have friends in her immediate circle known as the “Supper Club”
4. You did not give her the credit for the work you did.
5. You complained about programs she purchased from her friends
6. You failed to put in the required 12 hours a day to figure out how to pretend to use these expensive programs.
7. You complain to the person who was elected to her position (that is grounds for immediate retirement)

As we head into the 2013-2014 school year, we will be looking at the endangered species list. If you are over 55 and your assistant principal was moved to another school for no reason, Be “Very Afraid.” Do not expect any intervention from the elected head of the district that likes to brag that he is still the only one who can say No. This statement is true but he only says No when she tells him to.


One thought on “Letter from DCS regarding the “Boss”

  1. I am a DCS employee. I am currently 87 years old. I have felt that certain members of the DCS staff have discriminated against me. For example, I was told I could only use the restroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes on Fridays if it was pay day.

    I was also told I could not listen to my Barry Manilow and Lawrence Welk 8-tracks in my office.

    I feel that these 2 things have helped create an atmosphere of discrimination at DCS, and I would appreciate it if Andy Wise from News Channel 3 would come here and investigate it during his Does It Work Thursday segment.

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