This short but informative and humorous article came from a county insider. I will preface this by giving you insight into how this came about. Mrs. Jennifer Weeks loves to share her vast knowledge and insight with those whom are lucky enough to be allowed to follow her on Twitter. A recent book recommendation was given by her. She praised Todd Whitaker’s book, Shifting the Monkey. This book is about protecting good people from liars, criers and other slackers. The county insider and I discussed our views on this subject, which resulted in this short article or commentary. See what you think. Anonymous Author writes:

Shifting the Monkey! That’s the new focus as DeSoto County administrators head into the 2013-2014 school year. Shifting the Monkey is a book by Todd Whitaker, an educational guru, who was invited to speak to DeSoto County administrators a couple of years ago. As we have all read Mississippi spares no expense when it comes to spending money on administration. In fact we rank 9th in the nation. Expenditures for teachers and students in the state rank almost dead last….but who in DeSoto County is counting?

Shifting the monkey talks about ineffective teachers. In fact they call them “liars, criers and slackers because they complain the loudest, create the greatest disruptions, and rely on others to assume the responsibilities that they shirk.” I think administrators are well versed on this subject. In fact “Shifting the Monkey” is on going at the Central Office. Employees who are not doing their job are shifted to another department while someone else takes their responsibilities and that is usually the assistant principal. Granted the assistant principals receive no increase in pay while the employee with fewer duties continues to make their exorbitant salary. The job of the new specialists was so demanding that the central office trained the assistant principals to pick up the slack. ELL was once assigned to someone at the central office but now the assistant principals and principals are taking that on also. Three years ago we had three assistant superintendents, who were shifted into early retirement to make way for one assistant superintendent. Even though it seems like a way to save money, it is not because we have just about doubled the staff at the Central Office in the last 5 years.
This is because the majority of the Central Office is unqualified to do the job they are getting paid big bucks to do. Of the one assistant superintendent and 3 associate superintendents, only two served in any administrative capacity before taking the job. One of them completed his degree in administration after he became associate superintendent.

We all appreciate Todd Whitakers help in moving liars and criers and slackers from the classroom but DeSoto County needs his help in removing these people from the Central Office. Maybe his next book could focus on shifting gorillas and one big King Kong.

(Need I say more?!)


4 thoughts on “DCS’s County Office is Shifting the Monkeys

  1. The DeSoto County School Board IS NOT doing a good job. They are letting these same people tell them what is best and what to do. Where are the parents? It is sad. Our superintendent promised before he was elected that he would not run his Central Office based on favoritism. It is much worse than we ever dreamed. Such a disappointment to all teachers that supported him.

  2. You are a piece of work you do the same thing here on this page you complain when someone doesn’t give their real name but you hide or shield others from their inflamatory accusations and name the people being slandered by those you protect. I am sure this will never be published since when someone doesn’t agree with you they are blocked or you remove their statement.
    You have bullied county employees repeatedly since you threw your tantrum at OB elementary a couple of years ago. It is long past time for you to move on, you took your kid out of DCS now let those of us that choose this school district deal with the real issues that exist. We are the ones that are dealing with the consequences of our children being in this school district. You have made a different choice.

  3. “Where are the parents?” That is an excellent question. We(the tax payers) are the ones paying these people. I just don’t understand why they are being allowed to treat us and more so our children this way! It is time for these heads to roll! I just so happen to be a parent of four of Southaven school’s students and this is an outrage and personally I will not stand for it any longer. Election time is coming soon. We got a new Mayor, maybe it’s time for a new superintendent as well.

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