It has been brought to my attention that there is some confusion over policies and laws that prohibit bullying and harassment in public schools in MS. I am attaching a link here that shows one law that was passed in 2010 regarding this matter. The SB 2015 is clear as to how the bullying or harassing of students AND employees should be dealt with. There is absolutely NO LAW that prohibits an employee from reading any website, email, correspondence, etc. Your employer cannot prevent you from reading our site or any other site. If you are an Administrator telling your employees they will be fired for reading the DCR page or any other page, I suggest you tread lightly. That comment can be perceived as threatening and retaliatory, both of which are prevented by law, the MS Educator Code of Ethics, State and Board Policies.

Also, there should be a Whistleblower’s Act Document posted in your school and visible to employees. There should also be information on the district website. Read the act and know your rights! The law is on your side even if it does not feel that way at times. Be bold! Don’t follow the crowd, especially if the crowd is leading you down the wrong road. Don’t put yourself in a situation that could be harmful to you legally or spiritually. There are people that can help you. The most important thing is to know your rights and never be afraid to stand up for yourself!



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