a%20courthouse%20545[1]Let me say how much I have enjoyed getting to meet the candidates in DeSoto County. I know for some it may sound crazy to hear someone say that they have enjoyed any part of the campaign process, but being involved has introduced me to individuals across the county. Many of these individuals share the same care and concern that we have for our county and its future. I am attaching links on here to some of our very favorite candidates!! While we do not expect everyone to share our same opinion or agree with all we say, we do expect our citizens to do the research for yourself. You have to be confident in those that lead us. These elected officials should not be put into office because you attend church with them, because they are your neighbor or long time friend and not just because they are the only one you have ever heard about. The people we elect need to have qualifications. We have become numb in this country to the bureaucracy that exists and dictates that it is ultimately about who you know that determines your ability to obtain a position. We need people that have the credentials, reputation and a solid foundation upon which a good leader has built their principles, ethics, morals and ideas upon. I encourage everyone to get involved and meet these candidates. You are the employer. You cannot trust the hiring of your future workers to others. While your vote alone may not feel like a big deal or a game changer, I can promise you it is your vote, your voice, your involvement and your presence that makes all of the difference in the world! I have attached links here for your review. The very last link to the Commercial Appeal article is the article showing all of the DeSoto County Candidates. There are 85 Candidates. That is a lot!!! This is why it is even more important to do your due diligence to look into each candidate in your area. Some of the other links are to the FB Pages or Websites of some of our personal favorites! These are stand outs to us!! We have been working, personally, on the campaign of Brian Hodges for Mayor in Olive Branch. We feel that he has exactly what our city needs. The days of the “good ole boy system” need to become a thing of the past. Also let me emphasize how important it is in electing our Aldermen. People put a lot of emphasis on the Mayor, but ultimately it is the Aldermen that make the decisions. They vote on the recommendations brought before them by the Mayor. Keep this in mind too when considering to keep the incumbents in office. If the Mayor has failed, the Aldermen have just as much responsibility in that. There has been lots of talk across town about Planning Commissions failing the cities and making poor decisions. Keep in mind that it is the Aldermen that appoint the Planning Commission. If they do not appoint good, qualified people, then you are not going to get good results. To have any Alderman push the blame onto the Mayor or Planning Commission is really absurd considering they make the final decisions! We have some great people running. Let’s make our cities better and our county better by choosing great leaders that have our best interest at heart! We may not all always agree, but as long as all of us are in it for the greater good, that really is all we can ask for! Please feel free to email us with questions, additional information or anything else pertaining to the upcoming May 7 election. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! Get out and VOTE!!!!









3 thoughts on “2013 DeSoto County Candidates’ Information

  1. Your hard work, determination, initiative, due diligence, insights, boldness, & simplification (summaries) of boatloads of information is greatly appreciated!! THANK YOU so MUCH!!! : )
    I live in Southaven in Ward 1. I have been campaigning for Josh Anderson & Kristian Kelly & am a friend of Mittie Green’s. If you have an e-mail address that you don’t mind sharing, then I would very much be interested in getting it from you. THANK YOU so MUCH!!! : )

  2. I just posted the list of outstanding Municipal Bonds for the city of Olive Branch at our facebook page Kevin Goodrum for Alderman. In short, what has $25+ million taken out in Municipal Bonds over the last for years given you as a citizen? Join the discussion…

    Positive change for Olive Branch. Vote for Kevin Goodrum Alderman Ward 2 on June 4.

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