What DeSoto County candidates do you want to know about? We want to hear from you!! There are a lot of candidates running this year for various positions all over the county. It is hard to meet all of the candidates and very unlikely there will be any kind of public forum or debate. We go to the candidates and ask the real questions people want the answers to but are usually afraid to ask. We have already met lots of candidates from across the county. DeSoto County Reform wants to be the eyes, ears and mouths of the people of DeSoto County. We want our elected officials to be servants of the people, hired to work for us and for our needs. We need officials that answer their phones, return calls, respond to emails and have an open door policy. That is their job. The cities that make up DeSoto County are not large in population in comparison to some of the other surrounding Mid-South areas such as Memphis, so do not think for a second that these elected officials are too busy to respond to a citizen. That is their job! We feel that a lot of the elected officials currently holding positions have forgotten that we ARE their employer and they work for US!!! We have let our employees run wild and loose for too long. We understand that it is hard to get really good qualified people to stand up and take this responsibility on, but that does not mean we should keep electing ones that are unqualified or qualified and corrupt. We think our Mayors and Aldermen should have real estate knowledge or experience, financial or accounting experience or knowledge, do they have a stable personal financial background, have they been convicted of a crime, do they have any bankruptcies, are they connected to the schools in any way, who do they know, who do they or have they done business with locally, have they ever been arrested, what educational degrees or designations do they hold and why are they running for office. It has been stated by some candidates around the county that they are running strictly for the retirement benefits and to boost their social security pay outs when they do start collecting that. I don’t think this makes for a “good” choice if that truly is their only motive. Just because someone has lived here a long time or goes to church with you does not mean they are capable of running a city. Take the time to meet as many candidates as possible or tell us what you want to know. We report the facts that can be 100% verified. We will get you the information that you want. Let us hear from you! Election day will be here before you know it. If you haven’t registered to vote, please do!! Your vote really will make a difference!! You can make a big difference!!


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