303637_191135474360790_68774345_n[1]I BEG ALL TEACHERS AND PARENTS TO WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! This video is an inspiration to me. It inspires me to know there are teachers in the world who will put what is best for our children over the fear of losing their job. This took a lot of courage, and I am so happy that these Educators stood up for what is right and for what is BEST for our children! Superintendents, Administrators and School Board Members are NOT in the classrooms! Our teachers are! Can we please just let them do their job?!!!! We do NOT need to train our kids to test. This does NOT prepare them for the future. Our children deserve better. Our teachers deserve more support! Please watch this video and see what you think! I would love to know.


One thought on “Stand Up: The Day the Teachers Said NO

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