The Common Core Curriculum is a failure in my opinion!! How they were able to persuade 45 states to adopt this curriculum is beyond me. I am told that this curriculum will be completely technology based within 2 years, yet we have schools all over the country that hardly have computers (or ones that work)! Every time we turn around, the government is controlling more and more AND they do not have the right people in place to make these kinds of big decisions. How can we expect a politician or an attorney to make educated decisions about healthcare, education, foreign policy or any of the other major issues with no previous background, experience or credentials that would give them the knowledge they need to make those decisions. This country has gotten lazy because we have a government that works hard to make us lazy. We give more and more control away because we rather sit on our couches watching movies or playing on our IPhones than we had getting up and actually working! Children do not need to be punished for our laziness. We have an obligation as parents and citizens to make sure our children become educated, productive, independent, contributing members of society. Right now, we are training our children to take tests. We are not providing them with the tools they need to succeed! We need to fight to get rid of this Common Core Curriculum! It is failing our children, and it will continue to fail as they put more and more unattainable goals and expectations on this plan. Click on the link below and read this article. Let me know what you think!!



One thought on “Opposition to Obama and the Common Core Curriculum

  1. Common core was developed by the Gov assoc and as far as I know most of those guys are republicans. As far as Mississippi goes we need all the help we can get since we are last in education.
    Anything that will help our kids compete with the students from other states for scholarship money has got to be a good thing.

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