There are so many people out there that have the knowledge and expertise to help bring change to healthcare in this country. We need to listen to doctors and medical professionals that know the industry better than anyone. The link below is a fabulous article on one solution that I believe in greatly. Years ago we relied on bartering and relying on others in the community for helping each other out. The government was established to serve and protect us. Somewhere along the way, we went way off track and gave the government the ability to control almost every aspect of our life. I have been on both sides of the fence with the issue of healthcare. I had cancer at a very early age. I made a decision to leave the job I was in that provided me with medical coverage because the stress of that job would have surely killed me. It was the hardest decision I had to make at that time. I knew what I would be up against. I learned not to run to the doctor every time I had a sniffle and to ask for discounts since I had no medical coverage. Doctors were always willing to oblige. After several years, I got married and had insurance again. It troubles me that we work hard for what we have and for the medical coverage that we have. To see my medical premiums go up to support those that are not working the way we are…makes me mad! At any time I could go on disability because of my long list of medical conditions, but I choose to go on. I can go on and I will. I am not going to use my situation to give me an easy out. Please read this and give serious thought to healthcare in this country. It is only going to get worse.



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