Sen. Will LongwitzPlease check out Senator Will Longwitz’s link below. He has authored a Bill that would Curb Public Corruption and seek more punishments for those who embezzle money from the public. Right now as it stands, public officials are able to embezzle funds and get a slap on the wrist AND still be able to continue with employment. We have to crack down on the corruption that exists. There is no sure fire plan to rid ourselves of these problems, but we have to take a stand. We cannot continue to let people take advantage of us and know that they will have very little consequences. I think to some situations in DeSoto County right now where people that 100% have committed crimes and stolen from the people, but they are brazen enough to continue to work, represent and keep theirselves in the public eye, arguably because they know they can! I say enough is enough. Get real, get informed, get the facts and say NO MORE! Thank you Senator Longwitz for authoring a Bill that protects the people and punishes those that take advantage of us!!



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