I think all parents should take the time to watch this video. I have attached a link to it below. It is short and to the point. If you do not think this is happening in your area, I can promise you that it probably is. This is why we have to get behind our teachers and be more involved in our schools. If all we take away from the school tragedies in the media is that teachers need guns, more metal detectors, locks on doors, video equipment and more restrictive parental visits then we have learned NOTHING!!! What we have to take away from the problems in education today is that we 100% need more parents involved in the schools EVERY DAY! We need to be in the schools helping out, supporting our teachers and being the checks and balances for the administration. Children that do what they do are the ones that need parental involvement and support the most. There is nothing I love more than working at the school and showing support and encouragement not just for my child but for the other students and teachers too. If administration is doing wrong, a lot of times it is because not enough parents are watching. PTO Officers and Members need to realize, they do NOT work for the principal or the school. They represent the interest of their child and the other children in the school!!!! People think because their children attend public school and is (in their minds) free…..they act as though they have to take whatever they get. Parents who have to write checks for their childrens schooling tend not to have that same perception. We all pay for the schools whether in taxes or directly from our bank accounts. We have to wrok together to fix these issues. There is no one person to blame. We all have contributed to the issues and together we have to fix them!!!


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