cropped-057.jpgUpdates for what has been a crazy week for DeSoto County Schools: 1. Olive Branch Intermediate School went without water the entire day within the last week and had to bus kids to one of the other OB schools for bathroom breaks. What in the world? 2. Heard today that the same thing happened at the OB Middle School. What is going on with the water in OB?! 3. A lot of teachers are very upset about the newest addition to the School Board Admin in the way of George Loper as Asst. Supt. of Technology to the tune of $97,000/year. (NOTE: This comes after this recommendation did not pass through the school board at the last meeting. Loper had already announced to his staff this was a done deal before being voted on by the school board. Seems to be a regular occurrence around DCS. According to Ann Jolly it did pass. Wonder what qualifications this man has? I know he is good at using technology for lobbying his political agendas AGAINST BOARD POLICY!) Teachers that know about this ARE NOT HAPPY!!! Others at his school are VERY EXCITED he is leaving! This comes shortly after the Principals’ base starting off salary on up was increased. Starting off now at $83,000 up to low or mid $90K. Where are the raises for our teachers? Over 200+ employees at the board and most make a ridiculous amount of money compared to our low paid teachers! We have to get this fixed!! 4. I also hear that a lot of the Principals do not even stay at school that much. I know one in particular that leaves quite frequently. I know another one that leaves periodically. Maybe if that Principal spent more time at the school they are in charge of, they would be able to keep up with the federal and state regulations better. 5. More information has come to me about some local and federal issues concerning Greg Davis, Jamie Harris and Chuck Roberts. Before this is over, we may be lucky to have any of our long time elected officials in place. People have to be on pins and needles. Those people know exactly who they are too. It really is like a soap opera. Like I have said…Time to Wipe the Slate Clean and Start Over!!!!


2 thoughts on “Updates of the Week for DCS and the County

  1. The SOES principal is hardly ever at work. The assistant does all the work and the principal gets full pay although she can’t have any leave time left or they don’t make her use it. How does this happen?

    • I have heard from many people that this happens all over the County. It is something that I am looking into diligently. It does not make sense for these Principals to barely work, making LOTS of money and the rest make NOTHING! It is incredibly confusing to me that our Principals start off making $83,000 and go all the way up to $95,000+. The money does not match the actual job or work that goes with it. I would love to see this change!!

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