challenge[1]This is so true!!  Go to http://projectappleseed.org/index.html and check out this EXCELLENT website on Parental Involvement in Schools.  The problems we have in education span further than just schools budgets or issues within school distr…icts.  The one thing we have to do is make sure that PARENTS are doing their jobs at home.  So many people these days have children and expect everyone else to raise them.  No matter whether you work 1-3 jobs, single parent, high or low income level or have any other issues, it does not relieve us of our duty and responsibility to our children.  We chose to have them, so we have to be the ones that care for them.  The government, teachers and citizens were not the ones who chose to bring our children into the world.  We have to be responsible for the decisions we make.  God gave us our children as gifts to be valued, loved and nourished with all of the things that will help them to become independent, successful, happy and healthy conttributing members of this world.  Together we have to take back control and quit giving the control to the government.  Our kids are NOT their responsibility!