carson_benjamin[1]In this world today and especially in our country, we have gotten ourselves to a point that seems almost hopeless at times. We are getting further and further in debt. We allow people to control what we say and do, especially as it pertains to God and religion. We have taken God out of almost everything of meaning in this world: our childrens’s lives, schools, our country and our daily lives. I have said many times, even if you do not believe in God, God has always symbolized doing what is right, loving your neighbor, being kind, making good choices, being accountable to others, being responsible for our actions and showing how what we do impacts all of those around us. It is almost like our children going to a school that no longer has rules. How can a school’s rules be more significant than those of God?! We do not spend money correctly. There are no limits anymore with that either. Spend all you want because you can always file bankruptcy. Don’t do anything because the government will give you a check to reward your laziness. You are now allowed to spread hate about those that were once redeemed as sacred, admirable or inspirational, but you are not allowed to speak of those that represent evil, wrong doing or immoral in any negative way at all. Common sense is no longer common place. We have to get back to making good decisions. We have to get back to the basics. Complex issues we may face, but there are fairly simplistic answers if we are willing to hear them and put them into action.


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