3d person - puppet with an orange megaphoneWe have reached a time in this world where having a moral compass, strong work ethic, christian values and an informed, educated opinion are perceived as going against the grain and being extremist. We are being brain washed into believing that the government knows best, don’t rock the boat and never speak up. The world is so hectic and busy today, but it is a result of our own doing. And to make matters worse, we sacrifice our health, happiness and souls to keep up with the hectic chaos that we pray will calm down and go away. We become so overwhelmed with the new norm of daily activities that we forget there is a world outside of our bubble. For those who try to see things from the eyes of others and make good decisions based on the information they have taken in, you can most assuredly expecty to receive some backlash UNLESS it is something that benefits the masses. WREG Channel 3 Memphis’s Dennis Turner did a story on a new breed of activists in Olive Branch and DeSoto County. I like to think of myself and my friends as people who are actively working as ADVOCATES for God, Jesus, christianinty, children, teachers, our neighborhoods, city, county, state, country and FOR ALL THAT IS RIGHT! Common sense seems to no longer be common place. We have to constantly and consistently advocate for change and reform. We have to do this during times of adversity and most importantly, when things are easy going. We cannot become complacent when things are easy and settle for remaining the same. The world will continue to change whether we change with it or not. It is OK to speak your mind. It is OK to love God. It is OK to not always agree with those around you. It is OK to have an informed, educated opinion. It is OK to live in a way that is pleasing to God. It is OK to mess up. What is important is what we learn from the mistakes we make and how we put corrective actions into place in the future. There is not one perfect person in this world. We have to all work together to make this world a place worth living in. Sometimes the changes we make are not changes that bring about something new or a concept that has not been thought of yet. Sometimes change means going back to the beginning and putting back into place the ABCs of life. DeSoto County Reform is a group of people that are not about being confrontational, extremist or radical in thinking. We are about building stronger, more involved communities that work together to find solutions for issues and work to improve upon the things that seem to be working good. We believe in God, raising our children and not turning that job over to anyone else, a good education, smart business, less government, good economics, strong morals and ethics. We don’t want to rock the boat because the boat is already rocking. We want to settle the boat back down to smooth sailing and calmer waters, otherwise, we are going to sink like the Titanic! We welcome all to join us and help us find ways to bring about changes that make a difference in the lives of those around us. We want to be part of the solution. We appreciate all of the support we have received. We will continue to work hard for those around us!!



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