stacey-pickering-239x300[1]This is a must read article! As I have stated many times over, there has been exaggeration and misrepresentation of the facts on behalf of the school districts to the state. How can there be a poverty rate in DeSoto County of only 9% yet we have 15 Title 1 Schools?! To be a Title 1 School, you have to have 50% or more children on a reduced or free lunch. And how is it that we never have any middle schools or high schools that are Title 1 Schools in our district? Olive Branch Elementary up to the Intermediate School are classified as Title 1 BUT the middle school and high school aren’t?! Do we win the lottery in OB when our kids are in those schools? They are all on the same block. Are we poverty level or not? Of course OB is not! The schools manipulate the numbers and allow parents to do the same. Read this article to see what is going on! Very informative!!!!

Mississippi PEP

State Auditor Stacey Pickering on Tuesday told lawmakers there are glaring problems with data being used to dole out more than $2 billion of the state budget on public education.

The House Appropriations Committee heard him out, but some lawmakers appear leery of making changes to the Mississippi Adequate Education Program formula and the political warfare, or cuts in education funding, doing so might invite.

“I cannot in good conscience, as your state auditor, certify the data being used in the formula,” Pickering said. “This is roughly 43 percent of the budget. This is a big issue. It’s the future of our children.”

The Legislature created the MAEP formula to help bring equity funding for poor school districts and to avoid lawsuits over equity that other states were facing. It’s a complex formula that uses many measures to determine how much state money school districts get.

At its heart is…

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