What It Means to Be a Parent

What It Means to Be a Parent

Desoto County Reform was originally started in December of 2012. It was started after my eyes were opened to the issues we have in our educational system locally and nationwide. As I began to advocate for change, I was met with such resistance that it completely shocked me. Citizens and parents fighting for things to be better should be supported and not condemned. The politics that have governed our county are still running amuck, causing havoc to all that do not comply. They are getting better every day, but we are far from where the politics should be and that is working for the people…not against them. A group of us saw a need to stand up and not be afraid to speak out about the issues we felt strongly about. We are citizens for advancements in education, economics and strong family values. We support the people, the institutions and ideals that support our values.


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  1. Why do taxpaying citizens of Desoto County accept nepotism? Well, I cannot answer that. It is unacceptable on so many levels. Is there no one else qualified to fill the high paying positions in the Desoto County District office? Of course there is. It is just not being done because those at the top do not want to hire outside their network. It assures they do not have to be held accountable. When family and close friends are hired within the district, it controls what they do and how they do things. If you have a problem, no can challenge them.

    Below is just a few examples of this.
    Example 1.
    Milton Kuykendall
    Superintendent, DeSoto County Schools 662-429-5271

    Ryan Kuykendall
    Director, Accountability & Research 662-449-7178

    Example 2.
    Keith Treadway
    Board Attorney 662-429-5271

    Carolyn Treadway
    Bookkeeper/Sped 662-449-7145

    Elizabeth Treadway
    Legal Department 662-429-5271

    EdgarLee Treadway
    Security Coordinator 662-449-7231

    These are just a few examples. There are many more. A few years ago, the district cut spending. In those spending cuts, assistant teacher positions were cut. These were just hourly paid positions that don’t make enough to get over the poverty threshold. In the meantime, the disrict continues to hire family memebers and friends that are in their family and social network that your tax paying dollars are supporting.

    You may ask yourself why does this matter to me. Well, it should matter to all of us. If you ever experience a situation that may need attending to by this board or some of the district employees that are connected to the top, you will get no where. In fact, they will shut the door and no action will be taken.

  2. I agree with your comments and I choose to be proactive about all the choices we have living in our Olive Branch community. I, too, have felt, observed and have personal experience with some of the Superintendent’s attempts to bully those of us who are standing up for our rights and the rights of our children. Because of this consistent behavior, I see the reality of how our Superintendent views our Olive Branch school system, especially when it comes to our children’s health. Therefore, I have made a decision to stand stronger in favor of finding out the truth and standing up for the truth. Those who are not in favor of making Olive Branch a better place to live need to step down from their leadership roles and be replaced by those of us who do want to make healthier choices for our community.

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